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How to avoid fake casting agents, model coordinators & producers?

  • When a person contacts you regarding a modeling assignment please make sure to find out everything about the project before sharing personal contact details. Use the messaging system built into our website.
  • Find out about the project, the client involved, location, the address of the production house, producer, director or casting agency.
  • Its better not to have any meetings late in the evening.
  • Have all first meetings if any at public locations. (Cafe, Restaurant etc)
  • If someone asks you to deposit Money for auditions or any role then please avoid them.
  • If someone says that you are shortlisted, don’t consider that as a "selection".
  • If someone says he works on his terms and conditions then tell him/ her a big "NO", as he is not worth for you.
  • Avoid sending mails to every "Tom Dick and Harry".
  • As an Actor and model we all have Respect and Dignity, so maintain it. It’s very tough to survive in this industry. Don't be impatient and make wrong steps.

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