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How to find models in India?

Find them online

  1. 1
    Popular Social Networks
    • Everyone is on some social network or the other. Most models and aspiring models try to find work from social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Post on your status that your are looking for models. This works most of the time.
  2. 2
    Online Model Portfolio websites
    • There are many online model agencies that are coming up in India dedicated to finding jobs for aspiring models. These sites are good places to find models who are trying to make a beginning in the modeling arena.
    • Most online modeling portfolio websites like help you find fresher models for print and media shoots in different cities in India for free.
    • Its so easy to find model of your choice from these online model portfolio websites.
  3. 3
    Through Friends and family
    • Pass the word around with friends and family



Modelstreet is an online portfolio and networking portal which gives aspiring models/actors and agencies from the media industry a platform to promote and share their services. The website serves two types of people. It helps aspiring models and actors to find modelling and acting jobs. Industry Professionals such as directors, producers, model agents, photographers can post their requirements as casting calls and find models and actors. The service provides as platform to gain contacts and bridge the gap between availability and need for models and actors.