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10 Tips on cracking a modeling audition!!


  1. 1
    Make good eye contact
    • Always maintain good eye contact. Eye contact shows that you are confident
    • Look in between the eyes if you are struggling to make eye contact. The person will not be able to make out that you are not looking straight into their eyes
  2. 2
    Dont refer to anyone as Uncle or Aunty

    • Some people in the industry take it as an insult to be referred as an Uncle or Aunty
    • It is best to call them as Sir or Madam
  3. 3
    Keep Smiling
    • Make sure you have a strong genuine smile.
    • A good smile shows that you are confident, happy and thrilled to work there.
    • Practice smiling in the mirror and make sure it never looks fake
    1. 4
      Body language
      • Open Body language is important in an audition. It means that you are receptive and paying attention to their questions
      • Practice in front of your friend so that you know what you are doing
    2. 5
      Dont be too relaxed

      • Dont appear too relaxed or over confident.
      • Sitting right back on a large sofa can make you appear too relaxed and not interested
      • Sitting up straight makes you look more alert and interested
    3. 6
      Dont be too alert
      • Appearing too alert can give the wrong notion that you are nervous and scared to an experienced person.
      • Always appear relaxed but not too relaxed
    4. 7
      Sleep well prior to the Audition
      • It very important to look your best in front of your interviewers.
      • Have a good nights sleep before the day of your audition.
      • Looking pale in front of your interviewers could hamper your chances of getting an opportunity
    5. 8
      Pay Attention

      • It important to be positive during your audition
      • Pay attention to the interviewer when they are explaining your role and script
      • Make sure you appear involved and interested in the discussion process and want to be part of the project.
    6. 9
      Drink Water
      • Do not hesitate to accept a glass of water when offered. Water can have a calming effect on you
      • Drinking water will refresh your senses and give you an opportunity to get used to the surroundings
      • It gives to time to gather your thoughts
    7. 10
      Style you handshake
      • A confident handshake is very important
      • It is part of the first and last impression that you make with your interviewer.
      • Make sure your handshake is confident and not too firm. Being too firm may send the wrong signals that you not be a good listener.



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