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Freelancer Casting Coordinator, Casting Agent/Agency from Mumbai Looking for Models/Actors |

Freelancer Casting Coordinator

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i am freelaner casting and coordinator`

 Fashion Model
 Runway Models
 Print Model
 Magazine Ads
 Magazine Editorials
 Magazine Models
 Catalog Model
 TV Commercials
 Beauty Pageant
 Miss Universe Type
 Swimsuit Model
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 Internet Modeling
Company Type
:Casting Agent/Agency
Contact Name
:Mona Pathak

Urgent Requirement Looking Fem...

Modelstreet is an online portfolio and networking portal which gives aspiring models/actors and agencies from the media industry a platform to promote and share their services. The website serves two types of people. It helps aspiring models and actors to find modelling and acting jobs. Industry Professionals such as directors, producers, model agents, photographers can post their requirements as casting calls and find models and actors. The service provides as platform to gain contacts and bridge the gap between availability and need for models and actors.